The Healthy Senior: Home Care Makes Eating a Nutritious Diet Easier

Senior Home Care Makes Eating a Nutritious Diet EasierNo matter how old you are, good health begins with good nutrition. But eating well is especially important for seniors. Without essential nutrients and adequate calories, your elderly relative may suffer from fatigue, depression, and general weakness. What’s more, the lack of a nutritious diet can result in slower healing after surgery, increased risk of infection, and even lung and heart problems. Getting your loved one to eat a balanced diet can be a challenge, though.

Seniors are often unable to shop on their own, and may be unwilling to ask for help. They also may feel that they don’t know how to cook, or that preparing a meal for one is a waste. They might even discover that they sometimes forget to eat – a frightening situation not only for your loved one, but for you as well. If any of these are a problem for your favorite senior, home care can be the answer.

An in-home caregiver can go grocery shopping, handle menu planning and cooking, and even share meals with a lonely relative. They can monitor conditions that typically cause elderly people trouble when it comes to eating, such as improperly fitting dentures or loss of appetite caused by certain medications. Senior home care aides help your loved one continue to live independently while remaining healthy, and allow you to enjoy the reduced stress that comes from knowing your elderly relative is eating well.

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Originally posted 2010-09-01 13:00:16.