Using Technology to Connect with Aging Parents

Technology Helps Families Stay in Touch It’s not always possible for children of the elderly to live close by and visit every day. Physical distance can create concerns about aging parents who may not have the mobility or metal capacity they used to. But thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to remain in close contact with parents […]

How to Put Tech to Work for Senior Safety

New Sensors and Alerts Improve Monitoring Ability It’s not hard to let our imaginations run wild and picture a world in which seniors are served, protected, and cared for by machines instead of people. In Japan, research on robot service is proceeding full steam ahead, and when you think about it, we already depend on […]

Is the Internet Isolating the Elderly?

Online Business is Convenient but not Senior-Friendly In the United Kingdom, e-commerce, online bill pay, and social networking are something of a revolution. In fact, some government officials predict that nearly all business will be conducted online in a little over a decade. This is good news for lots of people and companies, which will […]

Elderly Loneliness? Social Media to the Rescue

Going Online with Caregivers near Del Mar Loneliness among seniors is a serious problem. Not only does it lower the quality of life for the elderly, who often rely on television in the place of human companionship, but it also makes it easier for the mind to decay because of inactivity. Without the stimulation of […]

The In-home Caregiver in Carlsbad Can Introduce Technology

Seniors May Get Hooked on Technology With the Help of an In-home Caregiver in Carlsbad The typical in-home caregiver in Carlsbad doesn’t spend a lot of time helping her senior client check email, update Facebook status, and look at family pictures on Flickr. Many people have become resigned to the idea that their elderly family […]