In-Home Care for Seniors Helps Reduce Risk Of Dangerous Conditions

It’s summertime, and the living is easy. That is, except in warm climates where dehydration is a real concern. As we age, declining kidney function and our inability to recognize thirst both contribute to increased risk of dehydration. Not only that, but those who have a difficult time getting around are a lot less likely […]

How Driverless Cars Could Change the Future For Seniors

Google’s Driverless Car Could Help Elderly Drivers Maintain Independence Rumors about Google’s driverless car have been circulating for years now. Testing of self-driving Lexus and Toyota models began in 2009, with vehicles that operated independently while still incorporating driving controls and the option for a driver to take over when necessary. Now, however, Google is about to take […]

Home Caregivers For the Elderly in Encinitas Safer Than Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes are Not Necessarily Safer than In Home Assistance for the Elderly in Encinitas Most people believe that seniors would rather live at home than move into a nursing home.  They believe, and rightly so, that receiving help from in home assistance for the elderly in Encinitas provides a safe, secure environment that is most agreeable […]

A Great New Phone for Home Health Care in Oceanside

New Cell Phone Specially Designed For Seniors Some of us have had a harder time than others in adjusting to the cell phone revolution. In the process, we’ve left countless phones in still-unknown locations; forgotten they were in our pockets when jumping into the pool; and put them through many other forms of abuse. Even […]

Should Companion Care in San Elijo Hills Say “No” More Often?

How Can You Protect Your Parents When They Can’t Protect Themselves? The best companies providing companion care in San Elijo Hills and in other cities share your passion for treating seniors with respect, dignity, and love. However, it is also important to be aware of the flip side of that passion. Sometimes, seniors who are losing […]

Food Preparation Safety for Seniors and Aging Parents in San Marcos

Chances are, your aging parents in San Marcos have some prized recipes that make holiday meals special. But as seniors begin facing the difficulties of arthritis, rheumatism, and other weakening conditions, preparing those beloved dishes becomes very challenging. In order to help your elderly loved ones continue their holiday cooking traditions in a safe, rewarding […]