Home Caregivers Near Valley Center: Grapefruit Affects Some Drugs

You probably already know that fresh grapefruit and grapefruit juice are packed with important nutrients. Some of this fruit’s well-known health benefits are particularly important for elderly people–it can lower the effects of arthritis, help prevent cancer, and boost immunity against disease. But home caregivers near Valley Center and elsewhere should take note of a recent […]

Home Health Care in Fallbrook: Breakfast May Ward Off Diabetes

Here’s some new advice for the whole family, based on a new study: If you want to keep type 2 Diabetes away, eat your pancakes… or eggs, or cereal, or toast, or whatever you like to eat for breakfast. Whatever you eat, the point is that taking time to eat breakfast each morning appears to […]

Home Care in Leucadia Looks at the 2013 Senior Report

The 2013 Senior Report Holds Interesting Data for Home Care in Leucadia Each year, the United Health Foundation publishes a report that ranks the 50 states according to the health of their seniors. The study considers benchmarks such as diabetes, physical activity, smoking, access to health care, and other common factors. In addition to finding […]

Care Management in Oceanside: A Warning About Diet

Trust Care Management in Oceanside to Oversee Dietary Concerns Do you know what your elderly loved one is eating? It may not be a subject that you think about every day, but if your parent is under care management in Oceanside or another San Diego County town, someone else is probably preparing most of their […]

Food Preparation Safety for Seniors and Aging Parents in San Marcos

Chances are, your aging parents in San Marcos have some prized recipes that make holiday meals special. But as seniors begin facing the difficulties of arthritis, rheumatism, and other weakening conditions, preparing those beloved dishes becomes very challenging. In order to help your elderly loved ones continue their holiday cooking traditions in a safe, rewarding […]