What’s Your Sandwich (Generation) Situation? Caring for Seniors in Oceanside?

Have you got sandwich on the brain? The Thanksgiving food coma has passed but there’s still turkey and ham to be dealt with…mmm, sandwich…. If that’s the kind of sandwich you’re thinking of, this is not the post for you right now — but it might apply to your life, so please come back. This […]

When Caregivers in Vista are Children

While it is still a difficult task, we have generally grown accustomed to the fact of the “sandwich generation.” Adults who care for both their own children and their elderly parents are quite common across the country. But more often than most people realize, caregivers in Vista and other areas are not even adults—they’re children […]

How Can I Plan Ahead for Mom and Dad’s Elderly Care?

Marlo Sollitto over at AgingCare.com has a great new article out on the very important topic of Planning Ahead for Mom and Dad’s Elderly Care. …Advance care planning is the process of discussing, determining and executing treatment directives – such as a Living Will, and appointing a health care proxy decision maker for care in […]

REAL Health Care Reform: Allow In-Home Caregivers To Give Medications

Paid caregivers should be allowed to perform the same medication tasks in a home care setting that family members are allowed to perform. Currently they are not allowed to do so, but that should be changed. Health care reform can take place in big, sweeping movements or in small but sensible ways. This is one of those small but helpful steps.