Why do Scams Endanger Elderly Parents near San Marcos?

Elderly Parents near San Marcos Need Protection from Cons If your elderly parents near San Marcos are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you already know that they need vigilant protection from scammers who would like to try to steal money from them. You probably don’t give them the ability to write checks or transfer […]

Is the Nursing Home a Dead-End Solution?

Senior Care in San Marcos Comes Home Again It’s easy to forget that the nursing home is a relatively new concept. Rather than sending the elderly to live under the constant care of nurses and staff, families throughout history have cared for them at home. Of course, part of the reason for the rise of […]

In an Emergency, Information Saves Lives

Make Sure In-home Assistance for Elderly in San Marcos has Critical Data The statistics are clear: During a medical emergency such as a heart attack or slip and fall, time is the most critical resource. Every second that is saved or wasted makes a difference to the chances the victim has of making it through […]

Sometimes Seniors Provide In-home Care in San Marcos

Is In-home Care in San Marcos Also Aging? What’s the typical image of a worker who provides in-home care in San Marcos? You might picture an energetic, outgoing young woman or man with a personal mission for helping elderly people. While this certainly describes many professional caregivers, it doesn’t apply in every case. A number […]

Who Needs Home Caregivers in San Marcos?

Home Caregivers in San Marcos are Important for More Seniors than You Think In one sense, families of seniors aren’t too concerned with nationwide surveys about aging. It doesn’t help them very much in a practical sense to know how the demographics of elderly people have changed over the past 30 years, for example. But […]