In-Home Care for Seniors Helps Reduce Risk Of Dangerous Conditions

It’s summertime, and the living is easy. That is, except in warm climates where dehydration is a real concern. As we age, declining kidney function and our inability to recognize thirst both contribute to increased risk of dehydration. Not only that, but those who have a difficult time getting around are a lot less likely […]

How Can I Prepare My Elderly Parents For Earthquakes?

It happened today!  We had a 7.2 magnitude earthquake less than 200 miles away, in Northern Baja, just across the border in Mexico.  We felt it here, and HOW!  The earth rolled and rolled for what seemed like a long time, but was actually about 30 seconds.  Fortunately no one in our service area was […]

Researchers Examine Phenomenon of Women Caring for Ex-Husbands as In-Home Caregiver for Seniors in San Diego County and Elsewhere

  Here’s a fascinating story that reflects a small but growing trend that we’ve been seeing here at A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions.  It’s a preliminary report on an ongoing study at the University of Missouri about women serving as caregivers for their ex-husbands.   We’ve provided a few excerpts and a link to the […]

June 2011 Employee of the Month: Annie – In-Home Caregiver for Seniors in San Diego County

Servant’s Heart Employee of the Month for June 2011 – Annie! Have you ever thought that a Personal Attendant may be a superhero?  Annie might be!  Since being hired, she has worked with a wide variety clients and on her very first day, took 4 days of live-in although she never was hired to do […]

Home Caregivers Near Valley Center: Grapefruit Affects Some Drugs

You probably already know that fresh grapefruit and grapefruit juice are packed with important nutrients. Some of this fruit’s well-known health benefits are particularly important for elderly people–it can lower the effects of arthritis, help prevent cancer, and boost immunity against disease. But home caregivers near Valley Center and elsewhere should take note of a recent […]

Home Health Caregivers near Solana Beach As Interventionists

In many cases, America’s seniors have a drinking problem. Not all seniors, of course, but as a broad population, the elderly have a few things going against them in the area of alcohol that many younger people don’t. One of the biggest of those things is the fact that doctors often overlook or don’t think […]