How to Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones from Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Cases Can Be Prevented Elder abuse happens more often than we like to think, and because many vulnerable seniors live alone with few visitors, cases often go unreported. Abuse can be physical, psychological, or financial, and may reduce the life expectancy of victims. However, the good news is that abuse can be prevented. […]

Caregivers in San Diego County Excited About New Alzheimer’s Test

San Diego County Caregivers Anticipate New Alzheimer’s Diagnostic Test There is exciting news about the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, a development that will form an important stepping stone to further research. Caregivers in San Diego County and everywhere else have been patiently watching the slow progress toward understanding this disease, but a new test may […]

How to Recognize and Treat Depression in the Elderly

Depression Affects Millions of Elderly Americans Approximately six million Americans over the age of 65 struggle with depression. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of those people receive appropriate treatments. Often, caregivers attribute the symptoms of depression to normal aging processes or physical illnesses, causing them to miss the early warning signs. Learning to understand and […]

How to Put Tech to Work for Senior Safety

New Sensors and Alerts Improve Monitoring Ability It’s not hard to let our imaginations run wild and picture a world in which seniors are served, protected, and cared for by machines instead of people. In Japan, research on robot service is proceeding full steam ahead, and when you think about it, we already depend on […]

How to Hold Nursing Homes Liable for Neglect?

Legal Mazes Often Await Victims of Nursing Home Neglect The ideal nursing home is one where all staff members are deeply committed to the health and happiness of their clients, safety and care standards are rigorously upheld, and communication with family members is a top priority. Sadly, there are very few facilities that can be […]

How to Make a Home Handicap Accessible

Do-it-Yourself Tips for Making the House Safer For most of us, our parents have always seemed like the most capable, independent, in-control people in our lives. Chances are, it has never occurred to you to think of your mother or father as handicapped or needing a little extra help just to move around the home […]