Warning for Seniors In San Diego County: Delirium Can Be Caused By a Visit To a Hospital

A visit to the hospital is a disruptive event for anyone, especially if it is under emergency circumstances. Surgery and other procedures cause trauma to the body, which in turn puts stress on the mind. Elderly people have a much harder time coping with this stress than younger folks, and the problem of hospital delirium […]

There’s no time like the present to treat hearing loss

(ARA) – Hearing loss can be life-altering. People who have difficulty hearing can feel isolated and lose self-confidence, which can put a strain on relationships with family and friends. But even when people who are losing their hearing are aware of the problem, it can be difficult to bring up the idea of getting a […]

Home Care Near Carlsbad for the Handicapped

When a person suffers an injury that confines him or her to a wheelchair, crutches, or even a bed on a permanent basis, normal tasks suddenly become impossible or far more difficult than before. Home care near Carlsbad is important for someone who is no longer able to get around the house safely, but there […]

Emergency Preparedness for the Homebound Elderly in San Diego County

When it comes to widespread emergency situations such as a power outage, earthquake, or severe weather event, seniors are perhaps the most vulnerable members of our society. Even young children have parents or guardians to comfort them and direct their activities during an emergency, but many seniors in San Diego County potentially face these situations […]

Keep an eye on ‘silent killers’ in the golden years

(ARA) – Getting older is not easy, especially when it comes to making sure your body is healthy. Doctors probably have you watching your weight, your cholesterol and other health vitals in every effort to make sure you have a happy and full life. But there are conditions that many times do not get mentioned […]

Hospital-Acquired Infections Quadruple ICU Mortality

From Medscape Medical News Hospital-Acquired Infections Quadruple ICU Mortality Becky McCall April 13, 2012 (London, United Kingdom) — Elderly patients treated with central catheter and/or mechanical ventilation devices in intensive care units (ICUs), admitted from the emergency department or as an urgent case, are at very high risk for hospital-acquired infection (HAI), according to the results […]