It’s Almost You’re Getting Older

If national grocery store chains and discount stores made more money from products that improve senior life, would we plan more (and better)? If you walked into your store of choice and down an aisle set up for “You (or Your Parents) Are Getting Older” season, would you check to see what was on sale? Would you start noticing what’s available and what you might need?

10 Things to Think and Do in 2009

According to the results of a poll I took part in last week, a lot of people think that New Year’s resolutions are for people who don’t know any better. Some of the people polled felt that resolutions only set you up for failure; some believe that mature people know better than to make resolutions. […]

How Can I Plan Ahead for Mom and Dad’s Elderly Care?

Marlo Sollitto over at has a great new article out on the very important topic of Planning Ahead for Mom and Dad’s Elderly Care. …Advance care planning is the process of discussing, determining and executing treatment directives – such as a Living Will, and appointing a health care proxy decision maker for care in […]