Does It Matter How Home Care Companies Are Certified?

In California, there are two meaningful certifications available for non-medical in-home care companies. In this article we’ll present a quantification of the relative “strength” of both of them in terms of consumer and worker protection. In later articles we’ll go into more detail about the differences between them.

Professional In-Home Care Agencies In North County Reduce Theft Risk

Client Privately Hired A Housekeeper From Her Nursing Home 85-year-old Patricia Gipe spent a long year at a nursing home before she was finally discharged to home.  In order to be able to stay at home, though, she needed in-home care. Instead of getting help from a professional in-home care agency in North County, she […]

What Should I Watch Out For When Paying A Deceased Person’s Bills?

Molly Shomer over at The Eldercare Team has a great post today about protecting Seniors and the estates of Seniors called Paying A Deceased Person’s Bills The point of the article is that some people prey on the relatives of a deceased person whose name they have found in the obituary column. The deceased person’s […]