Senior Care in San Diego: Technological Advancements Improve Living Conditions

With the advancements in recent technologies, it seems that seniors are left behind in the ever-changing world of electronics and gadgets. While these new changes and incredible advancements can be difficult to keep up with, they can also improve the living conditions and quality of senior care in San Diego and surrounding areas. By taking […]

Where are the Sons? Daughters Provide Most Senior Care

Study Confirms “Gender Inequality” in Care for Seniors Conduct an informal, quick survey of the people you know who have senior family members in need of care, and you will probably come up with results similar to those of a recent demographic study: The number of daughters far outweighs the number of sons who provide […]

Caregivers in Oceanside: Statins Can Increase Fatigue

Cholesterol Control vs. Increased Fatigue: A Difficult Choice for Seniors and Their Families Simvastatin and pravastatin are two very popular cholesterol-lowering drugs, used by many people to combat their risk for heart trouble. But a new study strongly suggests that one side effect, previously little known, might do more harm than good to certain patients. […]