Study finds that for-profit hospices may choose cheaper-to-treat patients

In a study published in JAMA, The Journal of American Medical Association, the study authors concluded that for-profit hospice agencies had a higher percentage of patients with diagnoses associated with lower-skilled needs and longer lengths of stay, when compared with nonprofit hospice agencies.  This has led other writers in publications such as the Los Angeles Times […]

Study Finds Home Care with Hospice Care Increases Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

According to a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the Quality of Life (“QoL”) of terminally ill cancer patients and their caregivers is significantly improved when they are cared for and eventually pass away at home with hospice care than in other settings.  According to the study’s conclusion: Patients with cancer who […]

Important Conversations: Hospice Care and Other End of Life Considerations

As humans, we have a unique ability to both accept our mortality and deny it. For those who care for the elderly, this presents a challenge. How do you ensure that your loved one’s wishes regarding hospice care and other important matters are carried out, when it’s so difficult to begin the conversation? The last […]