There’s no time like the present to treat hearing loss

(ARA) – Hearing loss can be life-altering. People who have difficulty hearing can feel isolated and lose self-confidence, which can put a strain on relationships with family and friends. But even when people who are losing their hearing are aware of the problem, it can be difficult to bring up the idea of getting a […]

Senior Care in Solana Beach Considers Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss News Presented by Senior Care in Solana Beach The problem of hearing loss is so common that it’s become a stereotype for seniors. Many of us automatically speak more loudly when addressing an elderly person, assuming that they will have trouble hearing us. Professionals in senior care in Solana Beach find it more […]

In-home Caregiver in San Diego: Hearing Loss and Dementia

In-home Caregiver in San Diego: Hearing Loss and Dementia Are Closely Related We tend to think of hearing loss as a normal part of aging. The typical in-home caregiver in San Diego gets used to speaking up in order to be heard, and many families do the same. But a new study shows that hearing […]

CapTel: FREE Phone Captioning For San Diego County Deaf or Disabled Persons

If an elderly loved one who receives home care in San Diego County is suffering from hearing loss, you have probably both experienced frustration during phone conversations. We have grown so accustomed to using the phone that when it just doesn’t work any more due to hearing loss, it is very difficult for us to […]