It’s Almost You’re Getting Older

If national grocery store chains and discount stores made more money from products that improve senior life, would we plan more (and better)? If you walked into your store of choice and down an aisle set up for “You (or Your Parents) Are Getting Older” season, would you check to see what was on sale? Would you start noticing what’s available and what you might need?

Home Caregivers Near Encinitas See Little Hope For Health Care Reform

Home caregivers near Encinitas are at the center of an industry that is struggling with a kind of epidemic: Demand for good health care is high, but the supply is unable to match it. That’s because a number of outside factors, such as the threat of malpractice lawsuits and healthcare rationing by the government, drive […]

Uncertainty Surrounds Small-Business Benefits in Health Reform Law

Some small businesses in California are unaware of the small-business provisions in the federal health reform law, while others have questions about their eligibility for the reform law’s benefits, the Modesto Bee reports. Background The overhaul includes two provisions designed to benefit small businesses. They are: Tax credits designed to help small businesses cover health care […]

For Senior Care in San Diego County: Emergency Room Doctors Say Health Law Will Make ER Crowding Worse

Hospital emergency rooms, the theory goes, get overcrowded because people without health insurance have no place else to go. But that’s not the view of the doctors who staff those emergency departments. The real problem, according to a new survey from the American College of Emergency Physicians, isn’t caused by people who don’t have insurance — […]

Health care penalty: The more affordable choice for Home Care Agencies in San Diego County

We have been dismayed at the way that governments in general, and the Federal and California legislatures in particular, treat employers as if they were cash dispensing machines.  The largest and most egregious example of this in recent memory is the Federal government’s health care takeover reform plan. With the stroke of a pen, and […]

REAL Health Care Reform: Allow In-Home Caregivers To Give Medications

Paid caregivers should be allowed to perform the same medication tasks in a home care setting that family members are allowed to perform. Currently they are not allowed to do so, but that should be changed. Health care reform can take place in big, sweeping movements or in small but sensible ways. This is one of those small but helpful steps.