Identity Theft Protection for Seniors

Protecting Senior Citizens from Identity Thieves While they may not know it, senior citizens are prime targets for identity theft among identity thieves that can steal account info, assume their identity to open new accounts, or file taxes in their name. Because many elderly have retirement savings, social security benefits, and are often unprepared for […]

Seniors with Student Debt–and Other Financial Quirks

Debt from Decades Ago Can Resurface Unexpectedly How often do you hear your senior parent tell you a story about his past that you’ve never heard before? In his long life, he’s undoubtedly had hundreds of experiences that he’s never recounted to you, and in fact he may have forgotten about them himself. That doesn’t […]

Fake Investors Finally Caught

Local Arrests Ease the Mind of the In-home Caregiver near Carlsbad Special investigators recently caught four criminals who had stolen millions of dollars from at least 28 different seniors. The scam was centered in San Diego, and the in-home caregiver near Carlsbad is disturbed to discover the kind of financial abuse that was happening to […]

In-home Caregiver near Escondido: Coming Cuts?

The In-home Caregiver near Escondido Examines 2015 Budget Cuts The year 2014 is only in its third month, but government officials are already making budget plans for 2015. Experts who have taken a look at the proposed budget notice that there are quite a few cuts to senior programs, and those cuts could become even […]