Caregivers Near La Jolla Should Be Involved in Hospital Discharges

By the time a person is discharged from the hospital, he normally has one primary goal on his mind: to get home! The exhaustion of a hospital stay reduces the ability of a patient to grasp all of his discharge instructions, especially if they involve numerous prescriptions and activity requirements. Seniors are at an even […]

In-home Care Near Fallbrook – The Challenge of Caring From a Distance

Giving elderly parents the level of in-home care near Fallbrook necessary to allow them to remain in their own familiar settings can be a significant challenge under any circumstances. More people than ever before, however, are now taking on these responsibilities with an added factor—long distance. Modern technological advances, such as live video chat, have […]

How Can I Protect My Parent Against Census-Related Fraud Schemes?

Dale Carter over at has posted an excellent article about protecting Seniors from scams based on the upcoming U.S. Census.  She says: “The best way to protect your aging parents against Census-related scams is to educate them about the census.  Also, encourage them to complete and return the 10 question form as soon as […]

Diabetes Linked to Phthalates

From Medscape Medical News Diabetes Linked to Phthalates By Larry Hand April 12, 2012 — Phthalates, which are found in common plastics, cosmetics, and even some pharmaceuticals and medical devices, have been associated with the development of diabetes among seniors in Sweden, according to a study published online April 12 inDiabetes Care. Read more at: Diabetes Linked to Phthalates. […]

A Geriatric Care Manager Can Help Prevent Financial Fraud

Five million. That’s how many seniors fall victim to financial fraud every year, according to the National Center on Elder Abuse. Scary, isn’t it? Dozens – perhaps hundreds – of financial cons exist. There is even one scheme which works by promising to recover the money lost in another. What can you do to protect […]

Hiring Caregivers Privately May Be More Expensive Than You Realize

Not long ago, Nancy Beland wrote a great article about the risks that families take when they hire caregivers “privately”, meaning that the families either hire the caregivers themselves or else use a non-employer home care company.  Although she has withheld the names of the parties involved, she tells the story of a family that […]