Learning How to Stay in Shape—At Any Age!

Low-impact Exercises Help Seniors Look and Feel Great Some seniors have an unfortunate view of what their later years should look like. After working all their lives, they feel they have earned the right to sit around, take it easy, and adopt a very sedentary routine. Other seniors, without putting things into words, simply slip […]

In-home Assistance for Elderly in Vista: Tai Chi for Fitness

Practice Tai Chi with the Help of In-home Assistance for Elderly in Vista Americans who visit China often wake up on their first morning to discover a surprising activity under way. If their hotel room window overlooks any kind of public space, they are highly likely to see a group of people practicing Tai Chi […]

Home Care in Leucadia Looks at the 2013 Senior Report

The 2013 Senior Report Holds Interesting Data for Home Care in Leucadia Each year, the United Health Foundation publishes a report that ranks the 50 states according to the health of their seniors. The study considers benchmarks such as diabetes, physical activity, smoking, access to health care, and other common factors. In addition to finding […]