Caregivers For Elderly Parents near Encinitas – Training is Important!

Trained Caregivers For Elderly Parents near Encinitas  If you hire a company to provide care for your elderly parents near Encinitas or other cities, you expect the caregiver to be trained in all the tasks he or she will perform—in fact, you might assume that is the case. That’s a mistake, as numerous recent studies have […]

How to Transition from the Hospital to the Home

Simple Steps Can Keep Seniors Home Instead of Headed Back to the Hospital When a senior is in the hospital because of an injury or illness, the hospital staff, family caregivers, and the senior herself all share a common goal: getting her back home as soon as possible! Unfortunately, we know from statistics that often […]

Exercise to Fend off Disability

In-home Caregivers in Encinitas Want Seniors to Get Moving! The word “retirement” means different things to different people. For some, it means the opportunity to do things that have been made impossible by the restrictions of career: traveling across the country; volunteering in the community; transforming the property into a gardening paradise. For others, it […]

Self-Driving Cars Are on the Horizon

Home Caregivers in Encinitas Look to the Future of Driving Watch any science fiction movie, and there is a pretty good chance that you will see cars (perhaps flying cars) driving themselves. The concept is no longer limited to fantasy, though; self-driving cars are so close that California legislators are in the process of drafting […]

Layers of Protection

Home Care in Encinitas Has a Big Job Ensuring Seniors’ Safety Elderly folks who are served by home care in Encinitas depend on their caregivers heavily. This is one reason experts discourage a casual, non-contracted caregiving relationship, with the family paying an acquaintance or neighbor to provide care for their loved one. If that individual […]

New Pacemaker Doesn’t Require Surgery

The Future of Pacemakers from Senior Care in Encinitas Perhaps you know an elderly person who is alive today because of a pacemaker. This incredible invention has been very effective in countering the deadly effects of heart disease, manually regulating the body’s heartbeat and adding years to the lives of many people. But medical researchers […]