Putting Your Foot Down

…and waiting for the other shoe What is respect? I started to post this on National Respect Day. When I saw some information linking that date to domestic violence issues, I thought it would be respectful to hold off on my post. Domestic violence is a very important issue; I don’t want to detract from […]

Have You Lost Weight?

What did you eat today? If you have to stop and think for longer than a minute before you answer that question, you probably didn’t do a good job with nutrition today. You may have eaten too much (and don’t really want to think about what you ate). You may have eaten too little – […]

What's Your Care Option?

I’m sitting under a perfect San Diego sky watching the flow of the current in the lagoon across the way. I’m watching the flow of traffic on the hillside beyond the lagoon. I’m basking in the late afternoon sun, and I’m thinking about elder care. Yes, I said elder care. Health care reform, whatever that […]

Does It Matter How Home Care Companies Are Certified?

In California, there are two meaningful certifications available for non-medical in-home care companies. In this article we’ll present a quantification of the relative “strength” of both of them in terms of consumer and worker protection. In later articles we’ll go into more detail about the differences between them.

Are You "In The Know" About the "Swine Flu" (AKA The H1N1 Flu)?

The “swine flu” is in the news a lot these days. Here’s what you need to know.

Newsletter – March 2009

In This Issue: Senior Care Tool of the Month Coffee Intake Associated With Decreased Stroke Risk in Women Tips for Working with Home Care Companies Windy March Greetings! Temperatures are still chilly and snow is still falling across much of the country, but not here in beautiful San Diego County! Our weather may be a […]