Encouraging Home Caregivers Near Leucadia: It Could Be Worse!

Home Caregivers Facing New Challenges In Today’s Culture Like many other home caregivers near Leucadia, you might feel like taking care of your elderly parents is a dizzying maze of doctor’s appointments, rehabilitation tasks, housework, outings, and other responsibilities. If so, take comfort from the fact that your situation could be even more prickly! Consider […]

Critical Issues for Seniors Dealing With Divorce

Divorce Rates Rising Among Seniors Divorce rates among seniors have taken a sharp upturn in the last 25 years. Reasons for the rise in senior divorce rates may include a greater emphasis on the individual in recent years, encouraging people to seek out happiness wherever they might find it. In addition, women have become more independent, […]

Caregivers near Del Mar See More Divorce Among Seniors

Divorce Creates Greater Need for Caregivers near Del Mar Divorce is always a stressful, disappointing event, and one that affects the entire family in a negative way. But when an elderly couple separates, there are a multitude of additional factors that make it even more disruptive. Unfortunately, according to reports from elderly law experts and […]