Companion Care Helps Spot Early Signs of Depression in the Elderly

As people age, it’s not uncommon for them to suffer from depression. Friends and loved ones pass on, illnesses take their toll, and even some medications can have profound effects on mood. For those who care for elderly relatives, knowing the signs to watch for is a critical first step to finding help. We have […]

After Moving Day

Home Care near Poway Helps with Transitions Perhaps you remember the excitement, activity, and upheaval of moving to a new house when you were young. Packing up all your toys in boxes, placing them in your new room, and spending your first night in the new house are all memories that tend to stick with […]

Companion Care near Vista and Stroke Detection

Companion Care Near Vista Anticipates New Tool for Detecting Strokes Often, it is notoriously difficult for family caregivers or professional companion care near Vista to tell whether a senior has had, or is having, a stroke. There are many other health issues that share symptoms with a stroke, and those symptoms are sometimes subtle to […]

Companion Care near San Marcos Is Not Nursing Care

The Difference Between Nursing and Companion Care Near San Marcos Is Important In previous, we looked at some of the risks that people should be mindful of when seeking San Marcos companion care. There is another risk that is slightly different from those, rooted in the caregiver’s understanding of exactly what services he or she […]

What Paul Ryan’s Pick Means for Companion Care in San Marcos

Companion Care in San Marcos: Better With a Romney / Ryan Victory? We all knew it would happen this way: The day Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his pick for vice president, the opposing side drew their weapons and started going to town. At the center of the Democratic attacks is Paul Ryan’s opinion about […]

Companion Care Near Del Mar: New Medicaid Hospital Restrictions

The growing strain on the Medicare, Medicaid, and other government-funded health care programs is impacting seniors in very real ways. Those who receive professional companion care near Del Mar often worry about losing Medicaid benefits or having to pay some costs themselves as money becomes tighter within the system. Some states are seeing a major […]