A Malnutrition Epidemic Among the Elderly

Studies Reveal How Hard it Is For Seniors to Eat Right In today’s culture, it is difficult for anyone to get a balanced, nutritious diet. Raw, natural foods are often more expensive than prepackaged meals, and it takes longer to prepare. Fast food restaurants on every corner offer a convenient but high-fat, high-sodium meal instead […]

Need for In Home Assistance for Elderly in Del Mar Will Increase

U.S. Will Need More In Home Assistance for Elderly in Del Mar A health organization recently put a number on the need for more professionals providing in home assistance for elderly in Del Mar and throughout the United States. In less than a decade, PHI PolicyWorks estimated that seniors will need 1.6 million more caregivers than […]

Companion Care in Carlsbad: The Importance of Keeping Expense Records

Hardly anyone enjoys filling out income tax returns. This time of year, however, all of us must either engage a professional to do it for us or camp out at the dining room table in a dangerous jungle of forms, receipts, statements, and strong coffee. As unpleasant as the task is, people who handle the […]