There’s no time like the present to treat hearing loss

(ARA) – Hearing loss can be life-altering. People who have difficulty hearing can feel isolated and lose self-confidence, which can put a strain on relationships with family and friends. But even when people who are losing their hearing are aware of the problem, it can be difficult to bring up the idea of getting a […]

Putting Your Foot Down

…and waiting for the other shoe What is respect? I started to post this on National Respect Day. When I saw some information linking that date to domestic violence issues, I thought it would be respectful to hold off on my post. Domestic violence is a very important issue; I don’t want to detract from […]

Does It Matter How Home Care Companies Are Certified?

In California, there are two meaningful certifications available for non-medical in-home care companies. In this article we’ll present a quantification of the relative “strength” of both of them in terms of consumer and worker protection. In later articles we’ll go into more detail about the differences between them.

Five Ways to Help Prevent Family Caregiver Burnout

Family members who are helping seniors to stay in their own homes or who have taken their older loved ones in to live with them are susceptible to stress and depression. Let them know that you notice their efforts – a little bit of appreciation may go a long way toward raising their spirits and may help to prevent caregiver burnout.

Balancing the Need for Care with the Need for Independence

Introduction We all agree that it is a tough situation to go through – deciding if and when your loved ones need outside assistance. Sometimes that decision is almost made for you if an acute crisis triggers the need for help. Often times, though, the need is of a less acute or more subtle nature. […]

A Closer Look at Senior Demographics

How the U.S. Population is Getting Older–and What it Means for Us For those who love statistics for their own sake, the field of demographics is a particularly fascinating one. They can spend hours looking at graphs, charts, and illustrations about how populations have changed and how they are projected to change in the future. […]