A Closer Look at Senior Demographics

How the U.S. Population is Getting Older–and What it Means for Us For those who love statistics for their own sake, the field of demographics is a particularly fascinating one. They can spend hours looking at graphs, charts, and illustrations about how populations have changed and how they are projected to change in the future. […]

Elderly Loneliness? Social Media to the Rescue

Going Online with Caregivers near Del Mar Loneliness among seniors is a serious problem. Not only does it lower the quality of life for the elderly, who often rely on television in the place of human companionship, but it also makes it easier for the mind to decay because of inactivity. Without the stimulation of […]

Drama in the Kitchen

Caregivers near Carlsbad Cook Culinary Creations A senior who is confined to home most of the time because of frailty or illness faces the very real, and very serious, problem of monotony. When every day is the same and little goes on in the house, the body has a hard time keeping itself healthy and […]

Valley Fever Info from Caregivers in San Marcos

Caregivers in San Marcos Warn About Valley Fever You may have never heard of valley fever, especially if you have only recently moved to the southwestern United States. If you have elderly family members, though, it is important for you to be on the lookout for symptoms that could indicate valley fever and have a […]