Are You Sleeping Enough?

Caregivers Oceanside Sleep Importance

Caregivers in Oceanside Need Plenty of Rest

When you think about it, it does seem strange that we spend so many hours lying on our backs with our eyes closed, doing nothing at all. Many of us caregivers in Oceanside are tempted to fill some of that time with our many responsibilities—balancing the budget, paying bills, returning emails, or any number of other tasks. But both the body and the mind depend on a good night’s sleep in order to function effectively the next day. That’s especially important if you are the primary caregiver for a senior loved one.

What Happens at Night

Oddly enough, some parts of your brain actually work harder while you are asleep then while you are awake. Your unconscious mind sorts and files away the thoughts from the day, addresses ongoing questions (yes, it actually helps to “sleep on” a problem!), and purges chemical by-products from the brain. If a senior or caregiver has insomnia, these important functions don’t happen as thoroughly as they should.

Consequences of Sleeplessness

In the long term, scientists believe that cheating the brain out of its important housecleaning time contributes to cognitive decline and possibly even Alzheimer’s disease. Short term consequences can be even worse, though. A caregiver who dozes off while responsible for a senior with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease could leave them vulnerable to danger. Sleep-deprived caregivers may even fall asleep while driving.

Sweet Dreams, Caregivers in San Diego County

No matter how busy you may be, if you are caring for an elderly person you owe it to them to give yourself a good night of sleep. Caregivers in San Diego County need all the energy and alertness they can get in order to provide high quality care to the seniors in their lives. Call us if you need a break—compassionate, qualified care for up to 24 hours a day is available.

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