Rainy Day Driving Safety Concerns For Seniors Living At Home In San Diego County

Older Drivers May Be At RiskHere in San Diego County, today we’re seeing our first day of real rain since the Spring showers ended back in May.  Now we see the streets slick with rain water.  Making things worse, there is a buildup of road and engine oil that has accumulated over the summer, and the mixture of that plus the water makes for some very dangerous driving conditions.

Many Seniors are able to drive safely and pose no risk to themselves and others.  However, for some Seniors whose reflexes and reaction times are beginning to decline, this presents a very real danger.

We have written before about the need for families of Seniors living at home in San Diego County to be mindful of whether their older loved ones should continue driving on their own.  Many times, when you stop and think about it, it would be better to begin having help from experienced caregivers with good driving records from a reputable home care company like A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions.

It’s never too early to be thoughtful and thorough in evaluating your parents’ ability to drive safely, especially when the road conditions are dangerous for all drivers due to rain and similar situations.

Originally posted 2011-10-04 09:45:49.