Keep that Stethoscope Away From Me

Home Caregivers Del Mar Stethoscope Infections

Home Caregivers near Del Mar Point out Simple Infection Risks

Seniors, their families, and their home caregivers near Del Mar have a valid but counter-intuitive worry about going to the hospital: they could get sick during their stay. There are plenty of scientific studies that teach us how easily infections spread in a hospital environment. The concentration of many sick people; invasive procedures that bypass the skin’s natural defense; and the failure of staff to observe strict hygiene practices are all threats to the health of hospital visitors.

The Little Things Count

As an example of the dangers that face seniors with weaker immune systems in a hospital, consider a recent study that concentrated on one simple tool: the stethoscope. While it may look like a symbol of expertise and professionalism hanging around a doctor’s neck, it may actually be carrying bacteria from any number of previous patients. The report notes that most stethoscopes don’t receive a thorough cleaning even on a monthly basis. Also, there are some hospital room items that experts suggest you never touch: the remote control, the in-room phone, and other things that are easily overlooked by cleaning staff.

Take Control of Hygiene

We want to trust hospital employees to maintain a clean environment, but the truth is that every patient needs to take control of his or her own health safety. You should not feel bad about disinfecting hospital room surfaces yourself or asking staff to wash their hands. Your loved one’s health is the critical issue during a hospital stay!

Hygiene Importance Extends to Home Caregivers in San Diego County

Obviously, it is also very important for home caregivers in San Diego County to observe good hygiene. If family members and professional help work together to keep the home environment clean, they can often prevent the need for a visit to the hospital in the first place.