In-home Caregivers in Oceanside: Movies About Alzheimer’s

In-home Caregivers Oceanside Alzheimer's Movies

In-home Caregivers in Oceanside Review Alzheimer’s Disease on Film

Who doesn’t love a good movie? Your tastes may be romance, comedy, action, or history, but if someone in your life suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, you probably also take an interest in any movie that addresses the subject. The best movies, rather than exploit the tragedy of Alzheimer’s for profit, help patients and their loved ones by expressing something true about the condition. Today, in-home caregivers in Oceanside tell you about three movies—past, present, and future—that you may want to check out the next time you’re feeling alone caring for your senior loved one.

An Old Classic

The film “Awakenings,” released in 1990, is not technically about Alzheimer’s disease. It does, however, express the frustration that doctors and family members feel when faced with an illness that seems to trap the minds of their loved ones. With sensitive portrayals of patients and great acting by the entire cast, “Awakenings” reminds us that the people we know are really still there, even if they are held captive by a mysterious illness.

A New Documentary

It must be a very difficult project to place a parent’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease on film, but that is what one family did with the new documentary “The Genius of Marian.” While the subject matter is compelling in itself, it’s the composition of the film that has critics talking. This documentary truly takes you along for the ride, drawing the viewer into the confusion, occasional exasperation, and those special moments that every Alzheimer’s patient and his family experiences.

In-home Caregivers in San Diego County Look Forward to Another Feature

Our last film can’t be reviewed because it hasn’t been filmed yet! But in-home caregivers in San Diego County anticipate the release of “Still Alice” in 2015. Based on a memoir that is already familiar to many caregivers of Alzheimer’s disease patients, the movie includes a number of well-known stars and should attract mainstream attention. The premiere is still over a year away, but that gives you time to read the book first if you aren’t familiar with it!