Geriatric Case Manager near Scripps Ranch: Help for the Male Caregiver

GCM Helping Male Caregivers

A Geriatric Case Manger near Scripps Ranch Can Help With the Unique Needs of Male Caregivers

If you try to picture the typical family caregiver of a senior, you are likely to think of a female: a daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, or granddaughter, for example. But the fact is that many caregivers are men, and they face very different challenges than women do when providing for their aging loved ones. A geriatric case manager near Scripps Ranch is just the person to help these men address their unique questions and needs.

Men are From Mars!

We may not be from different planets, but men and women certainly think differently. These differences greatly affect the way we care for the elderly; studies show that men are more likely to focus on the concrete, financial, and practical needs of seniors, while women spend more time giving emotional and intangible support. Both of these are critical, and with some coaching even the most practical-minded men can learn to show their parents the love that they need during their twilight years.

Easily Overloaded

When men are the primary providers for their own families as well as caregivers for seniors, their time is in extremely short supply. A full-time job leaves little time for visits, let alone trips to the doctor and other responsibilities during business hours. A care manager in San Diego County can coordinate these activities so that a man can fulfill his career’s demands as well as stay on top of his caregiving responsibilities.

Contacting a Care Manager in San Diego County

One more common trait in men is the reluctance to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to admit that things are getting out of hand! Not only do those around you completely understand your position; you could actually be putting your loved ones in danger by not ensuring that someone is available to help them at all times. Care managers have plenty of resources and experience to help you make your caregiving status a joy instead of a crushing burden.



Originally posted 2013-02-14 10:30:31.