Geriatric Care Managers in San Diego County can help Make Seniors’ Laundry Rooms Safer

Over at AgeWiseLiving, Barbara Friesner has written a great article on how we can make Seniors’ laundry rooms and routine more “elder friendly”!

Making the Laundry Room Elder-Friendly

“Friends have told me that the only way to make doing laundry any kind of friendly is to hire someone else to do it!  I suppose that’s true – although I happen to like to do the laundry.  (Yes. . . I know . . . weird!)  But the point is, as people get older, there are things they can do to make doing some of the every day stuff easy enough to continue doing – thus staying active and engaged.  (Also something to think about when you’re creating your retirement home.)  Here are some suggestions:”

Barbara’s article makes 14 suggestions, including these great examples:

The basement of the home may not be the best place to do laundry any more (especially if they’re lugging laundry).   It may be time to move the washer/dryer to either the main floor or the bedroom level (which would cut down even more schlepping up and down stairs).

I love the huge bottles of laundry products (although I have to plan ahead to carry them home from the grocery store!) but make sure you also have a small, refillable bottle so they’re easy to pour.

Professional Geriatric Care Managers can help assess the safety of Seniors’ laundry rooms and procedures as part of a comprehensive geriatric care assessment.

For the complete article, see:  Making the Laundry Room Elder-Friendly

Originally posted 2011-04-14 12:00:00.