Geriatric Care Managers in Oceanside Help Find Activities for Seniors

Staying ActiveGeriatric Care Managers in Oceanside Help Seniors Find Ways to Stay Active

As a family or individual begins caring for an aging parent, life for the caregivers becomes exponentially more busy. Fitting doctor’s appointments, shopping trips, and other activities into an already-packed week takes some real thought, and often means sacrificing other activities to make them possible.

From the senior’s perspective, however, things are a little different. A doctor’s visit might be just one more trip to pack into your day, but for the patient that might be the only interesting thing that happens in his or her whole day. While you don’t have time to research all the local options for your parent, a professional geriatric care manager in Oceanside or elsewhere  can help you and your loved one find out what is available and how they can get involved.

Declining Physical Ability

An elderly individual usually doesn’t have a job, schoolwork, or parental responsibilities. If you think about it, those three things probably make up the bulk of the activity in your life, but not that of your elderly loved ones. What’s more, even many of the recreational things you enjoy doing are impossible if your aging parent has become less physically able to participate. That leaves very fewer opportunities for filling a day with meaningful, enjoyable activity.

Geriatric Care Managers in San Diego County Help Seniors Find Things to Do

Keeping seniors busy is very important. Numerous studies have confirmed that elderly people that continue socializing and moving every day extend their lives and improve their quality of life. A geriatric care manager (“GCM”) is a geriatric specialist social worker who not only understands this fundamental need, but also has the training to help you set up a slate of activities that will add some real spark to your aging parent’s life.

Identifying Local Resources

You will be surprised to learn what programs your local library, community center, gymnasium, church, and other facilities offer senior citizens. In just a short amount of time, a GCM in San Diego County or elsewhere can assess what a senior enjoys doing, what talents and interest they have, and the kind of group they enjoy being a part of. With your care manager’s help, your aging parent will be able to build a thriving social life, much healthier and fulfilling than sitting in front of a television most of the day.

Originally posted 2012-09-06 07:47:41.