Evaluating The Need For In-Home Care For Elderly Parents In North San Diego County During The Holidays

Evaluate the need for in-home care for Seniors during the holidaysHoliday gatherings are a time to catch up with far-flung relatives, sing carols by candlelight, and watch as the grandkids dive into a pile of gifts on Christmas morning. If you have elderly parents in North San Diego County who live alone, though, holiday get-togethers are a good time to evaluate the competency of your loved one.

When you live far from your parents, it can be hard to know what daily struggles they face, so when you are able to visit, be sure to look carefully for signs of trouble. Indications that it’s time to consider in-home care include missed doses of medications, evidence of falls such as bruises or abrasions, poor personal hygiene, and changes in housekeeping habits. In addition, keep an eye out for excessive amounts of spoiled food and pets that aren’t cared for. While none of these signs are cause for panic – though issues with medication do need immediate attention – when taken together they may indicate a need for outside assistance.

In-home care for elderly parents can take many forms, from a few hours per week of casual companion care to a full-time, live-in caregiver. A geriatric care manager can help you evaluate your loved one’s needs and make the right choice for everyone involved. While you’re spending the holidays with your older relatives, take note of any areas of concern, and address them promptly. Doing so will allow you to enjoy many more holiday celebrations together.

Originally posted 2011-11-22 08:30:04.