Elderly Loneliness? Social Media to the Rescue

Caregivers Del Mar Social Media

Going Online with Caregivers near Del Mar

Loneliness among seniors is a serious problem. Not only does it lower the quality of life for the elderly, who often rely on television in the place of human companionship, but it also makes it easier for the mind to decay because of inactivity. Without the stimulation of conversation, interaction, and learning new things, a senior is in real danger of suffering both mental and physical decline more quickly than normal. With the assistance of family and caregivers near Del Mar, however, seniors can connect with others through a powerful tool: social media.

A Wealth of Potential

Your elderly loved one may not even be aware that dozens of her family members are posting frequent updates, pictures, and conversations online every day. Being a part of that activity could drastically enhance her enjoyment of her family, but sadly many seniors are reluctant to learn all the new “tricks” necessary for getting around online. What’s more, each social media network has its own format and procedures to learn.

Senior-Centered Tools

Several new websites now cater specifically to the senior who is a computer beginner. Tapestry, for example, collects posts from Facebook, Google+, and other social media outlets and displays them on a single, easy-to-understand page. Once a family member or caregivers in San Diego County sets up the account, a senior can spend quality time browsing updates to find out what’s new with friends and family.

Basic Computer Help from Caregivers in San Diego County

One of the ways that professional caregivers can help their clients is by guiding them through basic computer activities. Checking email, finding interesting videos to watch, viewing family photos, and even video chatting with friends are all activities that your elderly loved one can enjoy with a little help. With her new online connections, she will be surprised at how quickly the time has gone by.

Photo by Knight Foundation