Geriatric Care Managers in Oceanside Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

GCM Helping With Doctor Visits

Geriatric Care Managers in Oceanside Often  Help Seniors Follow Doctors’ Orders

Does a doctor’s visit seem like a routine event to you? When you’re young, many of your doctor’s visits are relatively low-key checkups or attempts to get a common illness under control more quickly. But for our aging parents, these visits are critical. As the body becomes increasingly frail, the doctor becomes a very important partner in keeping potentially life-threatening sicknesses at bay. Following the doctor’s instructions to the letter between appointments is a must, and geriatric care managers in Oceanside can help do just that.

Help Wanted!

Imagine how difficult it must be for a senior to not only supply information accurately to the doctor during a visit, but also to try to remember his instructions and suggestions after leaving the office. If a senior is to successfully fill prescriptions, take them on schedule, monitor health signs, and avoid dangerous foods and activities, it will take the efforts of many different people. Family members, caregivers, and medical professionals all have their roles to play in this area.

Geriatric Care Managers in San Diego County Working as a Team

Coordinating doctor’s visits and monitoring health between them is much easier when a professional geriatric care manager lends a helping hand. Caregivers have multiple clients to care for; medical professionals like nurses do as well; and family members have their own school and job responsibilities to juggle. Between all of these activities, prescriptions and doctors’ instructions often fall through the cracks. Geriatric care managers in San Diego County can fill in those gaps, following up on appointments, checking with those involved to make sure instructions are followed, and communicating with doctors when there is a question about care.

Revolution in Senior Care

As the medical field advances by leaps and bounds every year, it is not surprising that the area of senior care advances as well. The implementation of the “geriatric care manager” position has given seniors a way out of the stress of keeping up with the doctor’s instructions. By holding all members of the senior’s support structure together, a GCM can help them truly function as an efficient team.

Originally posted 2013-03-26 10:30:55.