Caution When Hiring Companionship for Elderly Near Rancho Bernardo

Hiring Companionship for Elderly near Rancho BernardoIn July of last year, Napa County implemented California’s first law requiring in-home caregivers to hold a county permit. While this is the first such law in the state, permits for those looking to provide home health care for elderly near Rancho Bernardo and other San DiegoCountycities may not be far behind. Elder abuse is a very serious problem across the nation, and the pressure is on for lawmakers to do something about it.

 What’s the Problem?

 Someone who seeks out jobs providing home health care for elderly near Rancho Bernardo usually fits a typical profile on the surface: friendly, likeable, unselfish, and ready to work. In the best case scenario, those are honest truths and the individual really does have a passion to help seniors. Too often, however, that’s not the case. Experts report that professional caregiving has become a magnet job for ex-convicts who can not get a traditional job because of background checks.

What Can You Do?

 Because there is no permit requirement for home health care for elderly in San DiegoCounty, hiring an independent assistant is a very risky prospect. Obtaining a background check for such a caregiver is an absolute necessity, although the process for doing so in California is notoriously difficult. Even if a check did not reveal any past criminal activity, you could still be hiring someone who does not have your loved one’s best interests in mind.

Trustworthy Home Health Care for San Diego County Elderly 

 Caregivers who work as employees of a larger business have a great deal of accountability before they even meet you and your loved one. They have already passed through all the criminal background checks and provided multiple personal references. As supervised employees, they must adhere to strict conduct codes while providing care. And if you have any concerns about a caregiver, you can contact a supervisor to report the problem.

Originally posted 2012-05-02 10:30:19.