Planning & Awareness: 2 Goals

Oh, no! It’s the last week in October and I haven’t put up posts commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness and Long Term Care Planning! I meant to…. I kept planning to make time to write, but things kept coming up. You know how it is. I did a lot of research. I sat to write and […]

Memory Screening? 5 Questions to Determine If You Need One

While it’s true that worrying about aging, Alzheimer’s, or dementia won’t help in any way, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t think about those things. Sometimes ignorance only seems like bliss. There’s no cure for Alzheimer’s, but that doesn’t mean there’s no treatment. November 17th is National Memory Screening Day.

Have You Lost Weight?

What did you eat today? If you have to stop and think for longer than a minute before you answer that question, you probably didn’t do a good job with nutrition today. You may have eaten too much (and don’t really want to think about what you ate). You may have eaten too little – […]

"TCOYD" – Taking Control Of Your Diabetes!

A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions provides care and advice for many clients who have diabetes. We have heard good things about TCOYD from people who have benefited from TCOYD’s programs and services. Because of this, we attended a TCOYD conference in San Diego in late 2008. The information and presentations were terrific, and we were […]

10 Things to Think and Do in 2009

According to the results of a poll I took part in last week, a lot of people think that New Year’s resolutions are for people who don’t know any better. Some of the people polled felt that resolutions only set you up for failure; some believe that mature people know better than to make resolutions. […]

Dehydration in Seniors

Introduction Dehydration in older individuals is a real problem and many times is the unrecognized cause of hospitalizations, morbidity and mortality. Dehydration is often linked to infections that can be fatal. It becomes an even bigger problem during the heat of the summer months or during a heat wave. Early diagnosis of this condition is […]