Astounding Theories about Lou Gehrig’s Disease

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Senior Care near Poway Isn’t Sure What to Think about ALS Findings

We often hear about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, which afflict the mind but leave the body largely healthy. Lou Gehrig’s disease (also known as ALS), on the other hand, weakens the body gradually without touching the mind. Senior care near Poway recently learned some surprising news about who might be more vulnerable to ALS, and why.

Focus on Veterans

Researchers recently discovered that veterans of the military were much more likely than most people—about 60 percent more likely, in fact—to show ALS symptoms in their old age. The risk increase is surprising, and scientists anticipate that much study will be needed to identify just what features of military service promote the disease’s development. One theory suggests that the intense physical exertion of boot camp, training, and field experience weakens the body’s defenses against ALS.

Nice Disposition?

A less concrete theory shows just how little scientists have to go on at the moment as they search for causes for ALS. It seems that victims of Lou Gehrig’s disease are often kind, gentle, even-tempered people. Is there a link between a quiet disposition and this mysterious physical disease? If so, it is hard to imagine what it could be. But in the absence of more promising leads, scientists are willing to look at whatever possibilities they can come up with.

Help with Daily Tasks: Senior Care in San Diego County

Although those suffering from ALS have weakened bodies and require help with daily tasks on an increasing basis, their minds usually remain as sharp as ever. Professionals in senior care in San Diego County do best when they give ALS patients gentle physical care, but also stimulating company. With compassionate, qualified experts providing care in the home, these treasured seniors can enjoy their familiar surroundings while coping with their illness.

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Originally posted 2014-04-24 08:30:04.