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Every week we publish articles for you on our website about the most relevant news about the art, science, business and politics of aging in the United States and the rest of the world. This edition of our newsletter summarizes the articles that we've published since the date of our last newsletter, and we hope you enjoy it!

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"There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life."

~Sister Mary Rose McGeady 

How Home Caregivers Can Help Dementia Patients

Tips for Home Caregivers Who Care for Dementia

Many home caregivers care for seniors with dementia. While Alzheimer’s disease gets a huge amount of attention in the media, dementia is sometimes less in the spotlight. As family members … Continue reading

Home Care Looks at the 2013 Senior Report

The 2013 Senior Report Holds Interesting Data for Home Care

Each year, the United Health Foundation publishes a report that ranks the 50 states according to the health of their seniors. The study considers benchmarks such as diabetes, … Continue reading

Home Health Care: What About Herbal Remedies?

Home Health Care Should Exercise Care When Recommending Herbal Remedies

As seniors accumulate more daily prescription needs, it becomes more difficult for them and their home health care to keep track of the interactions between them. … Continue reading

Why a Personal Attendant Must Be Trustworthy

Being Able to Trust Your Personal Attendant Is Important

Just north of California, in the state of Oregon, a nurse has provided us with an example of why drug testing and screening are not out of place in the nursing and … Continue reading

Home Caregivers and the Truth Dilemma

Family and Home Caregivers Struggle With Telling Seniors the Truth

As home caregivers know, there are subjects that are difficult to talk about with seniors. It is hard, for example, to be honest with an elderly … Continue reading

Caring, Consistent, Dependable Caregivers in San Diego County
Where The Needs Of Others Come First!

Caring, Consistent, Dependable
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