Companionship for The Elderly in San Diego County – Technology Helps

GPS Shoe Companionship for Elderly in San Diego CountyThe adult children of seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia know that their parents face a unique danger: Their cloudy mental state could lead them to wander away from home, into hazardous conditions or too far for family members to find them. Investing in companionship for the elderly in San Diego County can definitely reduce this risk, but there still might be times that a loved one could slip out the door unnoticed.

Companionship for The Elderly in San Diego County

Engaging a qualified company to provide companionship for the elderly in San Diego County is an excellent way to make sure that a senior experiencing cognitive decline has someone close by to provide help and keep an eye on them. But during the night, or in the gaps between visits by family members and professional caregivers, it is very difficult to ensure that your loved one stays safely at home. A new high-tech product, the result of a collaboration between a GPS manufacturer and a shoe producer, could be the solution for many family’s anxieties.

The GPS Shoe

GTX, a builder of GPS equipment, and Aetrex, a maker of special-needs footwear, have joined forces to offer a pair of shoes that incorporates a GPS tracker. At $300.00, the shoes are expected to be more successful than similar products (armbands, pendants, etc.), which seniors usually think to remove if they don’t want anyone following them. In fact, your elderly loved one doesn’t even have to know there’s a tracker in the shoes.

Locating In Minutes Instead of Hours

A monthly fee allows family members and companionship for elderly in San Diego County to set up a perimeter and alert system. A significant percentage of Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers wander from home at least once, and finding them is extremely stressful and time-consuming. With this new alert system, however, locating a loved one could be a matter of mere minutes, not even requiring the help of local law enforcement.