Balancing Your Senior’s Meals for Maximum Benefit

Geriatric Care Manager Oceanside Nutrition Distribution

Diet Tips From the Geriatric Care Manager in Oceanside What are your senior loved one’s eating habits like? Maybe he enjoys three square meals a day, always at precisely the same times. Or perhaps he prefers to have a hearty breakfast, then simply snack throughout the rest of the day. If he’s lived alone for […]

Breathless: COPD In the Elderly

In-home Care Leucadia COPD Elderly

In-home Care near Leucadia Provides COPD Information Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) is a huge health problem in the United States. Many of us can’t identify it specifically, or even know what the acronym stands for, but experts rank it as the fourth leading cause of death in the nation. In recent years, increased scientific […]

Better Days Ahead for Veterans’ Affairs?

Home Care Rancho Bernardo VA Head

Home Care in Rancho Bernardo Anticipates Reforms Within VA Deparment It’s hard to believe that it was just a few months ago that the Veterans’ Affairs Department scandals came to light. Of course, news of the failures within the bureaucracy was no surprise to the veterans who had suffered while their appointments and treatments were […]

Elderly Loneliness? Social Media to the Rescue

Caregivers Del Mar Social Media

Going Online with Caregivers near Del Mar Loneliness among seniors is a serious problem. Not only does it lower the quality of life for the elderly, who often rely on television in the place of human companionship, but it also makes it easier for the mind to decay because of inactivity. Without the stimulation of […]

A Fire Escape Plan

Geriatric Care Manager San Marcos Fire Plan

A Geriatric Care Manager in San Marcos Can Help Plan for Disaster As we learned earlier this month, a natural disaster like wildfire can strike at any moment. We sincerely hope that you and your family stayed safe during the fires and didn’t lose any property. Here in California, we have experienced more than a […]