Caregivers near Valley Center: Hidden Bed Rail Dangers

Caregivers near Valley Center Should Be Aware of Bed Rail Risks

Cognitive decline causes a senior to see and interact with the world differently. This change is most poignant when it involves other people that the victims have known for a long time, but ordinary items around the house are involved as well. Caregivers near Valley Center and family members of seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease find themselves making sure that there are no obviously dangerous objects left within reach of their loved ones.

Unpublicized Dangers

According to a recent report, bed rails have been responsible for hundreds of preventable deaths in the last several decades. Usually metal or plastic, these devices are meant to protect seniors, making it less likely that they will fall out of bed while sleeping. But they can present a hazard if a senior becomes caught between the rail and the bed. Similar risks in baby beds are now well known, but the dangers to impaired seniors have not been publicized well.

Pushing for Change

Caregivers in San Diego County would love to be able to tell you that lawmakers and manufacturers are taking this threat seriously and redesigning products to better protect seniors’ safety. Unfortunately, political and economic factors have so far prevented this kind of change, leaving the risks in place for those that use bed rails. This leaves the responsibility for recognizing and avoiding danger in the hands of family and professional caregivers.

Tips for Caregivers in San Diego County

With just a few reasonable steps, you and your loved one’s caregiver can make sure that their bed is safe. Don’t leave a large gap between the mattress and the bed rail, which can easily trap a senior with dementia. Make sure you purchase a bed rail that is designed for the specific type of bed your loved one uses, and follow installation instructions very carefully. Finally, safety features like an emergency alert pendant or wireless monitor can help you know what is going on while your love one is asleep.