Assisted Transportation For Elderly Parents in Encinitas – A Helpful Option For Families

Assisted Transportation For Elderly Parents - A Helpful Option For FamiliesDuring the holidays, you probably enjoyed the opportunity to stay home from work and simply sit around the house for a few days. However, those of us who are used to going to work every day are often surprised at how quickly we become restless at home. If you’ve ever suffered an injury that required a long period of recovery, you are even more aware of just how frustrating “cabin fever” can be!

An elderly loved one usually has the background of an entire life spent going here and there. Imagine how difficult it must be to transition to a stay-at-home mentality, especially when health issues make driving dangerous. Assisted transportation services can make all the difference in the world to a senior that isn’t able to just hop in the car and go to the store whenever they want to.

If you’re the adult child of elderly parents in Encinitas, or anywhere else in California, it’s no easier for you either. If you are a member of the sandwich generation, you are painfully aware of the difficulties of balancing care of parents with care of children and a full-time job. It’s very easy to suddenly realize that it’s been far too long since the last time your aging parent had a refreshing outing. While assisted transportation certainly doesn’t substitute for quality time spent together, it can fill an important role by getting a senior out of the house for a while under the capable supervision of a trained caregiver.

We’re not talking about a expensive limo services here. Assisted transportation is more affordable than you might think, and it has the important benefit of including an experienced senior care provider who is ready to help in the case of an emergency during the outing. It’s certainly much safer than relying on a ride from a neighbor or family friend who might not have adequate training to address a health crisis or a dementia-related incident. And while you try your best to make time for outings with your elderly parents in Encinitas, during unusually busy times or family vacations, a transportation service can really help break up the monotony of staying at home.

Think of all the times you run to the store for a gallon of milk; run to the gas station to fill up; or rush to the library to return an overdue book. Those trips might feel like inconveniences now, but to someone like your elderly parent who doesn’t have the ability to make them on their own, they are a very special time. An assisted transportation service can make those special times take place little more frequently.